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TimeOffset 1.4.2 New ui

Mysteropodes Cyril Drouin
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Our script for After Effects makes retiming your compositions a breeze.

It allows you to offset the timing of keyframes and layers before and after the time cursor, so you can easily fine-tune your edits.

Plus, our script conserves all your edit layers, saving you time and effort.

If you want to streamline your workflow and get your projects done faster, this is the perfect tool for you.

Script for After Effects compatible with Kbar.

Keyframes Label Option only work with After Effects 22.6 or next for now, but all other features works
on earlier versions .

Convenient during customer returns.

Help Guide at 🖱️

Retime Layers:

Retime Layers with Nested Precomp :

Option to retime precomposition like layers :

Button for Color Label Keyframes Selected:

  • Installation:

Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

Mac: Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

Adobe Ae have to connect internet to verify the license key. 

If you have a firewall (May be your office could Block the connection, can you check with your IT) allow the connection between after effect and internet. 



  • Issues with alert ("indexOf")


  • Config panel for layer state skip and Ui screen high resolution issues
  • Issues with same name layer marker resolve.


  • New Ui update


  • UI update Horizontal and vertical responsive
  • Markers Recursive Retime reset by alt+click on button


  • New Button Markers Recursive Retime
  • Protected regions with precomp are taken into account.


  • New Button to skip Color label Keyframes Selected:
  • New ui Design
  • Bugs fixe, Custom value is correctly skip


  • Rebuild of login and password
  • New button to choose depth retime precomp
  • Bugs fixe, retime precomp with depth


  • add option: Calculation for all add or remove keys(reset to zero or add it with shift + click to text box)
  • add option: Shift +click to add 10 frames automatically
  • add option: Option to retime precomposition like layers (shift + click to "+" open option)


  • Bug fix: Kbar cancel
  • Bug fix: skip special properties keys
  • Bug fix: nested comp timing


  • Bug fix from 1.2.2 version with transform position, nested comp...


  • Markers in layers are moving too now
  • Bug fix: property with custom value works now
  • Unvisible layer are skipped


  • Bug fix: separate dimension and specifics keys works now
  • Ui update smaller icon


  • Precomp Retime button:

Retime nested comp if active (can be slow with a lot of precomp )

  • Lock Layer are skipped
  • Kbar button update for Precomp Retime button

For Kbar:

Kbar function or Argument (delete quote) with icons:

Shift + Click for adding number of keyframes

  • 'OffsetNextPlus' & 'OffsetNextPlusComp' (active nested comp)Add keyframes after cursor
  • 'OffsetNextMoins' & 'OffsetNextMoinsComp' (active nested comp)Go back keyframes after cursor

  • 'OffsetBeforeMoins' & 'OffsetBeforeMoinsComp' (active nested comp)Go back keyframes before cursor

  • 'OffsetBeforePlus' & 'OffsetBeforePlusComp' (active nested comp)Add keyframes before cursor
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TimeOffset script (jsxBin) + icons for Kbar


(37 ratings)
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TimeOffset 1.4.2 New ui

37 ratings
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