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Rearrange AeFolder 1.1 (please test GM_FoldLayers before buiyng it)

Mysteropodes Cyril Drouin
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Script for After Effects compatible with Kbar, work only with GM_FoldLayers by Good Motion AB (Free Tool) .GMFolder does not work with the latest Ae native for M1 Macs.

please test GM_FoldLayers before buiyng it!

"This After Effects plugin is provided "as is" without any warranty, use it at your own risk."

GM FoldLayers Download

GM FoldLayers allow you make group layer and just a double clik to open it.

You can use it for free before to decide to go further with Rearrange AeFolder.

So why using "Rearrange AeFolder" ?:

The script Using the system of GM FoldLayers to really make folder on selects layers, move them, make it shy/visible and arrange all layers in timeline relate to the folder layer.


  • First Install "GM FoldLayers" (follow the instruction in the .zip)
  • Second Install "Rearrange AeFolder" .jsxbin here:

Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

Mac: Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

Adobe Ae have to connect internet to verify the license key. 

If you have a firewall (May be your office could Block the connection, can you check with your IT) allow the connection between after effect and internet. 

Help on Github (Wip)


1.3: Null Folder control is place into the center selected layers .

Code for Kbar:

  • 'CreateFolder'
  • 'DeleteFolder'
  • 'MoveFolder'
  • 'Solo'
  • 'Visible'
  • 'Refresh'

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Rearrange AeFolder 1.1 (please test GM_FoldLayers before buiyng it)

6 ratings
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