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Shape Out Toolkit v1.5 (Trial available)

Mysteropodes Cyril Drouin
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A script to help you go faster in your work with shape layers with a lot of different tools. Full Tutorial:

Feedback, bugs... send an email to :

Trial Version for 0$: The trial version can only be run once.

1.Anchor Shape Group: Choose what position you want for anchor point and the anchor will be relocate inside your shape group.

2.Shape Out Null create a null for each Shape Group inside a Shape, you can animate all the shapes with nulls and put all your animation back into your Shape.

3.Shape Keys adding keys at current time in any most use properties of shape.

4.Maintain Stroke for maintain Stroke Width of a shape layer even if the layer or the parents are scale.

5. Arrange your panel by choosing which tools to display

Copy the script in the Script/UIpanel of Adobe After effects



  • Roughen Edge button:

You can activate ou desactivate all effects roughen edge apply to your layers comp:

Just select the layer "Control Effect stroke" and click+shift on button Add roughen Edge, it will activate or desactive roughen effects.

V 1.5

  • Stroke Option: 

- Quick access to Dots, Tape, Wave option and add option in effects Panel

- Add Roughen Edges to select layers and control it in one layer 

- Follow Path : Layer select will follow shape path with an offset for each instance. First select the path and then the layers you want that follow. They will keep their initial pose.

- Update of maintain stroke  with expression from Adam Plouff (negative scale is available)

V 1.2

- Anchor Point consider all the keyframes in properties Shape group

- Fix Ui restart after login

- Fix Log error at start for some people

- Fix Anchor Point when grouping Shape group (ctrl + G) error


- Null control with keys: Create a null for controlling your shape group even if there is keyframes or an anchor point which is different from the anchor point for Shape .

- Switcher : Stroke Line Cap in Three button : Round Corner, Flat corner and project corner.

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Shape Out Toolkit v1.5 (Trial available)

19 ratings
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